Performers: Savina Casarin and Masha Gurina

Sound: Hendryk K. Kar

Blue Cloud Scratch. Blue Elephant Theatre London May 2016


This is a duet born out of experimentation with two dance genres: contemporary and Argentine tango. The two have very different, quite opposite concepts of femininity: tango with its idiosyncratic idea of sensuality, and contemporary dance with its unisex, androgynous approach to movement. Sometimes these concepts or norms get taken to extremes and become cliched. We were curious to see what happens if you relax certain rules present in both genres and let go of our own idea of how we (the performers) should come across. Reviewed by https://viewsfromthegods.co.uk/blue-cloud-scratch.shtml


Oom-pah Oom-pah from Masha Gurina on Vimeo.