Direction and choreography: Masha Gurina

Visual art and digital design: Schmoo Theune and Yuriy Khomovsky

Performed by: Maria Torrents, Pablo Barckhahn, David Mariano and Sarah Vella

Original music by: Juan Pablo De Lucca

Poster by: Sasha Vidakovic

Aldeas means “Cities”, or “Villages’, in Spanish. The new work explores my favourite subject: the process of transformation which happens to us, ‘global citizens’ – as we leave our families, home towns, move to different places, absorb new influences, become part of new communities, develop new identities and become ‘something else’ – and in that, also become our new true selves… This piece was created by artists from 5 different countries – we all met in Berlin:

As a choreographer, I believe in the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk. That is why Aldeas is another work where a collaboration across art disciplines plays a central role. Photographer Schmoo Theune has been exploring the subject of identity and belonging through her work, and it is only natural that we came together to co-create his piece. Schmoo’s subtle yet powerful imagery creates a natural backdrop for the movement – highlighting melding, blurring, occasional separation, growth, transition…Working with a masterful motion designer Yuriy Khomovskiy, we transformed Schmoo’s photography into a film projection – which will be integral to the piece:

The original music score by talented composer and musician Juan Pablo De Lucca has a special place in this work. It manifests the process of transformation in the purest way: Juan Pablo grew up in a traditional ‘tanguero’ family and came to Europe as a ‘classical’ tango pianist. He now embraced on a new search, writing music of a different kind – but the original flavor of his routes is still there.

Finally, graphic design by brilliant Sasha Vidakovic, my long-standing collaborator helps to tell the story of diversity and pathways in labyrinths of cities.