Circle of Encounters

Direction: Masha Gurina

Dancers: Carolina Esteves and Eva Chambers

Graphic design: Sasha Vidakovic

Artist (film): Max Nimenko

Lighting design: Andrew Hammond

I created this piece as a part of my exploration of the idea of “cultural dialogue” and changes which can happen when two movement forms interact.  ‘Circle of Encounters’ is an installation involving live performance and a film projection. It is shaped as a real-time dialogue of two performers representing distinct dance genres (contemporary and flamenco).

The audience is invited to witness the development of a new movement language emerging as the dancers respond to each other, moving between copying external ‘form’ and creating new vocabulary without worrying about appearing ‘authentic’. The film projected during short intermissions provides a breathing space for both the dancers and the audience, and is another way to visualise the idea (a contemporary paintor creating his interpretation of the old Japanese print). The piece was part of the Trinity Laban Graduate Show 2012.