Crossings and Roundabouts

Choreography: Masha Gurina

Performed by:  Chloe Bishop, Julian Howell, Lisa Sang, Sarah Richter Rose, Katie Dale-Everett, Emma Liisa Bryans and Kate Ormond

With thanks to Brighton Dance Network and Ceyda Studio

At the end of 2016 I was invited by Brighton Dance Network to be a guest choreographer for the 24Hour Choreographic Lab. I worked with a group of dancers of different ages (thus the ‘intergenerational’ title) to choreograph a piece in 24 hours. And so ‘Crossings and Roundabouts’ was created. I am very fond of this experience.  We investigated a broader notion of ‘connection’ – and multiple ways to find it, develop it and perhaps lose it. Thus, it is a story on human encounters… things coming and going as people cross paths, develop fleeting or lasting relationships, and shift through life – alone, in pairs or groups, at various speeds and sometimes with different ideas of where they are going.

Working with dancers of ages which spanned 2 generations was a very special experience which everyone learnt a lot from. This was one of those projects where the rehearsal process was as important as the actual result.